Month: January 2014

Another reason to check out Yoga Glo!

It’s hard to describe the communal energy you are a part of when practicing in an actual yoga class.  If I may…it’s supported, powerful, encouraging and uplifting! Especially when you hit your back and sink into a nice savasana surrounded by silence and people. That’s kind of an oxymoron. People and Silence? Ha! But for those of you like myself who are limited to a large number of classes or just really prefer practicing at home, yogaglo would definitely be for you! It  has levels 1-3 and offers a number of styles. While Sean is practicing kundalini, I can get my vinyasa flow on in the other room. Now that is cohabiting! Read the article below and get to know 6 teachers with offered classes on yogaglo!

Happy yogaing!


Chemical Free is the way to be!


This morning we started our day with a major clean out in honor of one of the Chinese New Year traditions of clearing out your stagnant space and making room for new fresh energy. If you want to jump on the bandwagon of cleaning then try a chemical free cleaner.  There are no unnecessary chemicals traveling through the air into your brain that will block you from feeling your utmost best and your space will be toxin free and cleaner than ever!

Homemade cleaning products are easier to make than you would think! All you need is a base of distilled white vinegar and some orange or lemon skins. There is no need to buy expensive orange cleaners….it’s cheaper and more sustainable to learn how to make your own. Plus the feeling of accomplishment is good for your psyche! Who ever knew you were a household cleaner creator! You’re a machine! Welcome to the world of non toxic cleaning, it’s amazing.

Where do I start? Easy. You need two or three things. Take a jar (whatever size you have and fill 3/4 of it with distilled white vinegar). Juice your oranges or lemons and add the skins to the jar. Let it sit for about a week and BOOM! You have a chemical free, pungent smelling, household cleaning product. The vinegar smell is only temporary and your house will seem cleaner than it has in years.

Here is a link for some other non toxic household items you can use for cleaning!  Enjoy! And Happy Chinese New Year!

Today, I ran out of baking soda so I used salt and lemon juice and scrubbed my tub this way. It worked great and my tub looks 20 years younger.

Spicy Moroccan Inspired Soup

I am pretty sure around the world there has been lots of cold and random weather, including Florida..where I am from. Tell me one person who does not like a nice hot bowl of soup on a cold night? No one. That’s what I thought! Here is a recipe for a Moroccan inspired soup. This soup is packed with nutrients, protein and lots of love. Be warned: It is delicious and filling. And make room in the fridge for leftovers.

Spicy Moroccan Inspired Soup


  1. 1 tablespoon Olive Oil (or other oil)
  2. 2-3 garlic cloves — Or think about this…how much do you like garlic? If you really LOVE it then throw in 4-5, if you only want to smell mildly the next day use 2-3!
  3. 1 sweet onion (diced)
  4. 3-4 celery stalks (diced)
  5. 2 -14 oz. cans of diced or stewed tomatoes — I used one of each. Why? Because that’s all I had.
  6. 6 cups of vegetable stock. (If you are not 100% vegetarian then feel free to use chicken or beef stock!)
  7. 1.5 cups of red lentils (uncooked) — for the sake of a less than satisfying grainy taste in your soup, make sure to rinse and drain those puppies!
  8. 2 handfuls of spinach, kale, chard or any other dark leafy green to throw in at the end
  9. 1 can of your favorite beans — I used chick peas.

Spice up your life!

  1. 1 bay leaf — can be optional if you are making this when you have already gotten home from work and realized you have none and don’t feel like leaving again.
  2. 1 & 1/2 teaspoon of ground cumin or coriander. — the original recipe I modeled this after called for cumin but once again I did not have any so I opted for coriander (which is a major staple in most my meals).
  3. 2-3 teaspoons of chili powder
  4. 1/2 teaspoon of paprika or sweet paprika (to taste)
  5. salt and pepper, as your taste buds feel necessary.


For the carnivores: add some lamb

Get crazy and be creative with your ingredients! Try a different bean or add an extra vegetable like sweet potato.

And here we go…

Start by mincing the garlic and dicing the onions. Add oil and garlic to a soup pot or whatever you have that holds large liquids. I used a wok since that is what I have. When your nose has alerted you of a lovely garlicy smell, add your diced onions. Saute the onions for about 5 minutes and then add your celery. Saute celery and onions for a few more minutes.

Then add in your spices (bay leaf, coriander/cumin, chili powder, etc). Mix the spices through and saute for a few more minutes. Stir in 2 cans of tomatoes, including their juice, broth and lentils.

Bring to a boil, reduce heat and allow the soup to simmer uncooked for 25-30 minutes. If it is too brothy for you then turn up the heat and allow some of the liquid to bubble away.

Time to eat! Serve with some homemade croutons or some chopped up cilantro!

Also just wanted to point out my trusty kitchen utensils:

Oxford Phonics Mug a.k.a. 1 cup (for measuring) and a spoon which doubles as my tablespoon and teaspoon (not the best plan for baked goods!)


And also the most handsome dog of them all, Ziggle B. Johnson