Come Together!

Hopefully you find this blog useful in some way! Even if it is just to show you that you can still cook even if you don’t have every ingredient. You can still prepare a nice meal without fancy kitchen utensils (a.k.a. matching measuring cups). You have a right to eat well and nourish your body! Don’t deny it because you “have never really been that great with cooking.” Me either. And then one day while living in a small Taiwanese city and craving wholesome, plant based “health food store” style food I realized, no one is making it so I’ll just have to learn!

Just cook it and even when one does not turn out perfect, view it as a success and make it a few weeks time!

Most times, I don’t have all the ingredients I need. This used to really upset me because in my head I wasn’t actually going to be able to produce a perfect meal! AAHHHHH! It’s horrible! Not. Life will go on and although you might be missing one ingredient, who knows you may have another that will supply those taste buds of yours with some happiness.

I’ve come to realize that with all arts, including cooking, it requires a bit of vulnerability to really experience it fully. Loosen up. Have fun. Be patient. Be creative. Act impulsively with spices. And try to remember, this is one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself…the gift of love in food! Get it? Lovin’ food? Love in food!




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