Looking for inspiration?

These are some websites and blogs I frequent often, as in daily, for inspiring recipes and articles in general.


http://www.ohsheglows.com — MAJOR if not the biggest inspiration in my cooking and she has a beautiful story with food as well. And delicious recipes.

http://www.yogaglo.com  — one the best things to happen online in hmmm….ever. Unlimited yoga classes with quality teachers online. This is especially great if you are living in a small city (like me) and looking for access to a variety of classes. All different levels, styles, length of time. This is truly for everyone. So go get your yoga on.

http://www.yogajournal.com  — also great recipes and articles!

http://www.vegetariantimes. com — you can always add animal protein to any meal so don’t let the name throw you off!

http://www.google.com — Because google is the bank of an outrageous number of food ideas. And the best part? You can even type in four words and google will give you recipe ideas! Maybe something like, “black bean sweet potato” will lead to chili. Yum.

http://www.pintrest.com — can not go wrong with a pintrest account, for many reasons. Go ahead and start a board for food, you won’t be sorry!


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